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In this weeks “Bass Riff of the Week” i’m getting my thumb out and going Gospel!

Last week during a live Q&A masterclasses that we run bi-weekly within the SBL Academy, one of our members was having problems getting a clean slap technique. He could slap the E string with no problems whatsoever, but as soon as he started slapping the A, D or G strings he started getting unwanted noise as the other strings would ring out uncontrollably. He also found the overall volume of the these strings to be quieter than the E string too.

These are all very common problems and something i’m sure you might have had a problem with either in the past, or it might be something you’re struggling with right now. In our live Q&A session I advised him that the best way to start working on these issues was to take a repeated riff that used all the strings, and then simply start working on this riff really slowly over an extended period of time, looking in-depth at each individual movement until it can be played cleanly with the same overall volume on each string.

I thought the bass riff I came up with during our Q&A session was pretty cool… so I thought i’d use it for this weeks “Bass Riff of the Week”.

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott 🙂




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