I used the Tech 21 Liverpool amp model pedal and came close to the tones in three live versions of Bad: R&H, Wide Awake in America and It Might Get Loud.

This is my Fender Custom Shop Strat with Kinman pups into Psionic Audio’s Triad into Tech 21’s Liverpool pedal into Axe-Fx delays & reverb. The Wide Awake version is the only version with the Triad on and is the best of the three. The Triad into the Tech 21 Liverpool results in a lush, smooth overdriven tone. The Tech 21 settings were done for the Wide Awake version, and then kept the same for the other two. I did not change them to adjust to each version (although I could have). However, I did add a high pass filter for IMGL because Edge has very little bass in that clip. I’m not sure if that was his amp settings or the mic/recording setup. I set the high pass filter for 400hz and it matched up pretty well with the clip. I’m positive I could have turned the bass knob down and made other adjustments to the Liverpool to get this tone.

I only used the Axe-Fx for delays and reverb. Two delays in all the clips: dotted 8th (433ms) in parallel with a 543ms slap back delay (one repeat).




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