Hey low-end lovers!

So after the epic comments I got in last weeks “Bass Riff Of The Week #1” lesson where I asked you guys whether you’d like a bass riff every week… I thought i’d better put another lesson together to keep your funk flowing! 😉

This riff is based around the E dominant 7 tonality (E7) and has a few cool chromatic notes thrown in here and there to spice it up a little. Make sure you’re practising your chord tones so you can see how this riff fits within your basic arpeggio shapes, that way you’ll not only be learning this riff, you’ll also be learning harmonic information that you’ll be able to apply to other dominant chords too.

Again, this lesson is super guerrilla… we just hit record, no fancy lights or fancy audio… just one camera and a mic in the room. We’re in the process of moving studios (keep a look out for the new studio video tour coming soon!) so in a few weeks we should be all settled in and have the sexy audio and cameras back up and running! 🙂

As always, see you in the shed!

Scott 🙂

PS. Lemme know what other types of riffs you’d like to hear by leaving a comment below the video. Rock, jazz, funk… even riffs of other famous songs… let me know by leaving a comment! 🙂

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