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By the time my bass soloing had gotten to the point where I could easily move around the chord tones and chord scales pretty much all over the fingerboard with a decent amount of fluidity, I really started to take more and more interest in the “out” sound that so many great soloists use.

I started hearing it everywhere! Guitarists like Allan Holdsworth and John Scofield, bassists like Skuli Sverrision and Matt Garrison… these guys were using it all over the place within their solos, but I just couldn’t figure out how they were achieving these great out sounding lines.

So, I grabbed my bass and started to transcribe like crazy!

After a few weeks i’d started to figure out exactly how players were approaching the harmony and chords to get that sound I was chasing… but along the way, during my hours and hours of transcribing, I kept hearing a really cool lick people were using over dominant chords. Obviously, I stole it straight away and it’s been in my soloing toolbox ever since 😉

Fast forward to just a few days ago, I was around at Geoff Chalmers’ house (the community manager within the SBL Academy… and my bass geek buddy!) drinking coffee and jamming on our basses and I said “hey Geoff, check out this awesome lick”… I had my camera with me, so immediately we both said “let’s get this down on camera so we can show the SBL posse!”…

So, we grabbed the camera and I shot this short lesson so I could show you this cool lick I use.

If you hear some clanking noises… fear not, it was Geoff making his lunch in the background, lol!

Before you go and check out the lesson, I want you to do me a HUGE favour. I want you to leave a comment below and let me know if you enjoyed this style of “off the cuff” lesson. I’ve got a TON of extra stuff like this I could share with you… where I just grab the camera and hit play… no fancy lights or setup etc. Don’t worry… i’ll always be releasing my slick fancy pants lessons with the cool production… I just want to know if you want some of these in the mix too.

Let me know what you think!

As always, see you in the shed,Scott 🙂




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