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For this weeks Bass Riff of the Week I’ve taken elements from two of my influences – Pino Palladino and Matt Garrison. Both are phenomenal bass players – both have their own unique style and sound and are completely different from each other.

For this weeks riff I’ve gone for a “nu-soul” type vibe which is very reminiscent of the D’Angelo sound that can be heard on his album Voodoo (with Pino Palladino taking care of low-end duties).

The riff is based on a two chord vamp (Dm7-Am7) and other than the double stops the riff is built mostly from chord tones derived from the Am7.

The faster solo line at the end of the riff is built around a C major7#11 chord – I fully explain why this works in the video.

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott 🙂

PS. We’re about to release an a huge scales, chord tones and arpeggios course within the Academy. It’s due for release towards the end of November, so keep a look out!

PPS. If you haven’t checked out the Academy yet… check it out here. It’s EPIC 🙂




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