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In this Singing Success Q&A Video, Chanelle responds to a few singers’ vocal questions.

QUESTION #1 (0:00)
“My larynx keeps going up when I sing. What exercises should I practice and where can iI find these exercises?” – Sebastian

QUESTION #2 (4:55)
“I just bought the Singing Success program. This gives me a lot of hope, because with only using you’re tips, I’m becoming amazing.  I was wondering do you have other things available, other than the Singing Success program to help me improve?” Leonardo

QUESTION #3 (5:42)
“Some days I can sing perfectly and some days I can’t even hit pitches that aren’t even that high. On the days I can sing well, I can sing very well and it’s easy for me to sing on those days. How can I get to where I can sing well, consistently?” – Anit Sam

QUESTION #4 (6:47)
“i think i’m singing in head voice but it’s kind of small. It’s not airy like the falsetto just not very strong. Any tips? ” – Desinormant

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