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Westfalen Park,
Bundesland of North Rhine-Westphalia

Juicy Beats 2014

Now in its 19th year electronic and indie music festival Juicy Beats takes place on Saturday 26th July 2014 at Westfalen Park, Dortmund, in Germany.
Six stages will play host to Boys Noize, Alligatoah, Milky Chance, Calexico, Fm Belfast, Weekend, Die Orsons, Frittenbude, Erobique, Alle Farben, Claptone, Hundreds, Kid Simius Live!, Ʊz, Sierra Kidd, Ebo Taylor, Wallis Bird, Bilderbuch, Tube & Berger, Larse, Kuenta I Tambu, Egotronic, Doc Scott, Antilopen Gang, André Lodemann, La Femme, Say Yes Dog, 3plusss & Sorgenkind, Mark Ernestus Presents Jeri-Jeri, Hans Nieswandt, Mark Ernestus & Tikiman, Stone Love, Ben Anders, Manuel Tur Live!, Highasakite, Kalle Mattson, L.Stadt, Dub’l Trouble, Ron Wilson, Top Frankin’ Soundsystem, Klaus Fiehe, Ingo Sänger, Dj Dash & Mc Ghost, Tom Breu, Christian Vorbau, Juliet Sikora, Nakadia, Torsten Sträter, Global Player Residents, Buddi & White Monkeys & Benson & Rugged Rome, Peet, Sterio, Senderos, Shoreline Is, Adam Berecki, Dynamodyse, Ante Perry, Mahan, Mark Jackus, Marcus Sur, Sound Quake + Cornadoor, Severgreen, Mental Movement, Gold Roger, Bennett On, Liquefied Wax, Gowner, Smuskind, Rascal Mc, Jaycut, Subsonic Squad, Erster Alles, Cosanne, Blitzbangers Dj-Team, Jacques & Mirza, Der Nachbar, Gratisfilm Soundsystem, Trash Gordon, Philib & Lex, Krizz Luco, Flo Mrzdk, Paji, P.A.C.O., In.Deed, Frank Sonic, Dry & Bolinger, Monkey Bastards, Alexander Richter, Disha, Nd.M, Marvin S., Der Kaiser, Livid & Sebas, Dennis Herzing, Herbe Soundsystem, Djsbestfriend, Barbara Goldberg, Roaring Cubes, Rob Dee & Lenzmann, Vokke, Dplay, Soulfood, Soultrippin Crew, Der Wolf & Nils Noise, Claas Tiwa, Michael Neo, Dein & Mein, Capture & Dweed, Sven Kerkhoff, Chris Count, Myths Of The Near Future Dj Team, Isla Ola, Swimming Tv, Wyzzam, Sandton, Mr. Fries, Adryiano, Elvis, Wolke, Lars Van Josten, Lino, O.K.A.Y., Audio Rebelution Rockaz, Blockbuster Soundsystem, Marshall Artz, Tobi Katze, Rainer Holl, Die Unordnung Der Dinge, Jan Möbus, 2seiten, Kopfkino (Vj), Parasitäre Kapazitäten (Vj), Yochee (Vj), I Am Here (Vj), Huttrop Hill Sound, Dj Sascha Polanski, Team Thunda, I&I-Grade.
The early bird offer has ended. Tickets are priced at 24 euros. A teen aged 12-14 years ticket is priced at 16 euros, and child aged 6-11 years ticket is priced at 3 euros.
Because of the relatively remote location of the festival, there are only two transport options. One was to take the Deutsch Bahn to Scheessel and walk approximately 1500m to the festival and camping area. The other is to drive/car share, the promoters of the festival encourage people to car share.
The festival has set up a garbage refund system where people receive back the 5 euro deposit with their ticket price when they return filled garbage bags. More information will be here when available.

Date : from 2014-07-26 to 2014-07-26
Price : 31 euros
Capacity : daily capacity: 30000
Address : Westfalen Park, Dortmund Bundesland of North Rhine-Westphalia Germany

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