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MasterWriter 2.0 – How to Write a Song and Songwriting Tips

MasterWriter 2.0 is an unlimited source of ideas pre-inspiration, and an invaluable tool during the creative process. However, its most important role may be post-inspiration, when finding a better way to express yourself or a more creative way to describe something, can be the difference between good and great. Why be limited to what you can remember, when you can have all the possibilities in an instant.

In our daily conversation and in our writing, we tend to use a vocabulary that we are familiar and comfortable with. This can be limiting and in some cases redundant, especially when there are time constraints. If youre looking for the right word, a search in MasterWriter 2.0 will instantly give you all the possibilities, and from this rich source of descriptive words, you will find new and colorful ways to paint word pictures.

Songwriters who are currently using MasterWriter 2.0:

* David Foster
* Babyface
* Gwen Stefani
* Clint Black
* Jeffrey Steele
* Rob Thomas
* Kenny Loggins
* Nikki Sixx
* Trent Reznor
* Rick Springfield
* Sean Lennon
* Steve Vai
* LeAnn Rimes
* Amy Grant
* Andrae Crouch




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