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Ok, i’ll get straight to the point. The exercise I show you within this lesson completely changed the way I play the bass. It forced me to start thinking in way that is much more musical and dynamic – and less in the “paint by numbers” style I was playing in before. I say “painting by numbers”, as before I started using this exercise I was just “plugging in” licks into whatever I was doing – this exercise made that impossible to do.

When this exercise was originally shown to me by the great bass educator Bruce Gertz from the Berklee School of Music, I though “Huh, that sounds so easy… why doesn’t he show me something ‘really’ technical… I’m ready for it… I can take it!”. I mean seriously, this exercise seemed so simple on paper – but when I tried to put it into action… it brought me to my knees!

I was impossible!

Too hard!

Completely Turned my brain to soup!

I simply couldn’t use any of the licks, tricks and dips (hey, it rhymed) i’d been using before.

Because this exercise was about linking my comping lines and soloing lines in a way that was much more organic than i’d ever done before, it meant that I HAD to learn a new way of thinking… and the exercise forced me to do so.

A quick word of warning…

This exercise took me a long time master. I would guess it took at least a month before I felt like I was getting a handle on it, and bare in mind I was using this exercise every day – 5 days a week. So when you first start using it… don’t worry, I have been through the same pain! 😉

In closing, If you’re just starting out on the bass, you should make a note of this exercise and revisit it at a later date. If you’ve been playing a while I really recommend you start using this within your practice time as soon as you can as it has the power to completely change the way you play the bass.

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott 🙂




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