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In this Singing Success Q&A Video, Chanelle responds to a few singers’ vocal questions.

QUESTION #1 (0:00)
“When do I actually need to warm up and warm down my vocal chords…is it only before and after a heavy performance or practice session or generally every time before and after i sing…because I sing everyday but with very little effort…so I was wondering if I should really warm up and warm down my voice for that everyday ???” – Thavinaash Ramany

QUESTION #2 (0:55)
“Hi i love singing but my friend keeps telling me i have a airy voice. I don’t think i have a airy voice now, its not as airy as what you demonstrated. I can hold out a note and match a note. I play flute and that uses a lot of air so is that affecting it? I have been singing for about 6 years. I write my own songs. I was wondering if you could tell me how you know you have a airy voice and what makes you have a airy voice?” – Sarah

QUESTION #3 (1:46)
“If i need a fast Voice warm up, before i perform. Is it enough then i do only Lip roll for about 5-10 min….???” – TheHelifly

QUESTION #4 (2:20)
“I have a situation, whenever i do the tongue trill my uvula vibrates and it makes me gag or cough really badly is this suppose to happen? or is my uvula too long and should i get it looked at? i have been singing for 5 – 7 nights a week for over 12 yrs , which is why i got your CDs to help me maintain proper vocal sound and quality but i have been having a lot of issues. But what should i do about the tongue trills being so uncomfortable? any help would be appreciated.” – Kareen

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