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In this Singing Success Q&A Video, Jason responds to a few singers’ vocal questions. Comment on this video, so we can answer your singing questions! Remember, these videos are just “tips”! If you would like to really learn how to sing, check out our Singing Success program!

QUESTION #1 (0:00)
“What is better for a singer, hot water or cold?

QUESTION #2 (2:16)
“How do I get over nerves when I sing?”

QUESTION #3 (5:26)
“Aren’t singers born with the gift of singing?”

QUESTION #4 (8:35)
“Should I always feel the vibration, or tone from the sound I am singing, in my face?”

Topics Covered: “Hot vs Cold water, Getting over Nerves, Are Singers Born with the Gift of Great Singing, and Singing in the Pocket/Mask”

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