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Setting the correct nut height of your bass is absolutely crucial to its playability.

/>In fact, if your strings are to high in the nut your bass will also play out of tune (even if the open strings are perfectly in tune).

The truth is… i’d guess that way over 75% of the basses I pick up have this very problem.Even brand new instruments that cost way over $2k… pretty shocking, right?

In this video, Chris May the master luthier of Overwater basses is going to show you exactly how to set the correct nut heights on your bass for optimum playability.

As always, see you in the shed,

Scott 🙂

PS. This video is a snippet from our “Bass Maintenance and Set-Up Guide” course within the SBL Academy. The course is over 2 hours long and takes you through the entire set-up process step by step – an absolute must for all bass players. Check the full course out HERE:

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