Check out the full “Bass Maintenance and Set-Up Guide” HERE:

To get your bass playing correctly you must have a certain amount of relief in the neck.

With too much neck relief the action of your bass is going to be way too high, but having not enough relief will start to make your fretted notes start to buzz.

But how do we know how much neck relief is perfect?!

In this video, Chris May the master luthier of Overwater basses is going to show you exactly how to set the correct amount of relief in your bass neck.

As always, see you in the shed,

Scott 🙂

PS. This video is a snippet from our “Bass Maintenance and Set-Up Guide” course within the SBL Academy. The course is over 2 hours long and takes you through the entire set-up process step by step – an absolute must for all bass players. Check the full course out HERE:

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