Brett Manning and Singing Success are VERY excited to announce the launch of our much-anticipated SingingSuccess.TV website. On August 2, 2010, your online vocal training experience is going to reach a whole new level.

What is SingingSuccess.TV?

SingingSuccess.TV is replacing on August 2, 2010. If you are currently an SSO subscriber or have subscribed to SSO in the past, you don’t have to do ANYTHING! We have exported all of your account information and forum posts into SingingSuccess.TV. Simply visit SingingSuccess.TV on August 2, 2010 and login with your existing SSO account information and begin surfing the singing revolution.

New Features:

1. Higher Quality Video Content

2. Larger Video Display Window

3. New Subscription options that are more customizable and user-friendly (download the videos YOU want)

4. Sort videos by topic, category, coach, most popular, highest rated, newest, beginner, advanced or simply use the search option!

5. Network with other singers and musicians by creating your own personal “station” profile. Upload your photo, bio and begin following other users.

6. Create your “station” blog option to promote upcoming events and discussion important singing topics.

7. SingingSuccess.TV is much more user-friendly than Watch hundreds of videos without ever leaving the page.

8. Discussion forums upgraded and integrated into personal stations, blogs and videos.

9. Download video or audio singing lessons when you become a monthly or yearly subscriber.

10. Book a lesson with one of our world-renowned coaches directly from the video!




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