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‪Adele‬ – Skyfall ‪Guitar Lesson – How To Play ‬2012 James Bond Theme Acoustic Guitar Cover Songs ‪Tutorial‬
Adele first mentioned recording a “special project” in September 2011 in an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show, leading to speculation in the media that she would be recording the theme for the film.[4] She later told NRJ in April 2012 that she would have a new single out by the end of 2012, but that the single would not be from a new album.[5] Rumours continued to spread in September after Adele was reportedly seen at Abbey Road Studios where Thomas Newman was recording Skyfall’s score.[6]
The song was originally rumoured to be called “Let The Sky Fall”[7] and, in September 2012, OneRepublic vocalist Ryan Tedder posted a message on Twitter claiming he had heard the title track and that it was “the best James Bond theme in his lifetime”. Adele’s publicist, Paul Moss, mentioned the song on his Twitter. Both later deleted their messages.[8] Cover art for the single release was later leaked online,[9] but Adele’s involvement in the project was not officially confirmed until 1 October.[1]
After being approached to perform the theme song for the film, Adele enlisted Paul Epworth as her co-writer and producer. The song was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, and features a seventy-seven piece orchestra arranged by J. A. C. Redford.[3] With the announcement that she would be performing the theme, Adele admitted that she was apprehensive about the project when she first got involved because of the pressure involved in producing a Bond theme. Her enthusiasm piqued after reading the script and ideas for the theme began to take shape, with the lyrics intended to reflect the narrative of the film, rather than emphasise romanticism.[10] In discussing the composition of the song, Paul Epworth described the inclusion of Monty Norman’s “James Bond theme” in the harmonies and chord progression as a conscious decision.[10]
According to the sheet music published at, “Skyfall” is written in common time in the key of C minor with a tempo of 76 beats per minute. The song follows the chord progression Cm — A♭ — F7 for six measures, followed by Cm/D — Gsus4 — G. Adele’s vocals range from G3 to C5




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