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A few weeks ago I released a lesson covering what I refer to as my “Flying Fingers Exercise”. In a nut shell, it’s a great exercise that’s retrains and refines your fretting hand technique. Which is a must for all bass players!

It went down a storm and was watched over 50,000 times in the first few weeks so I thought it was about time to give you another great exercise I use with my students.

This exercise is focusing on the fretting hand, with a focus on finger independence and controlled movement. As always when working on anything that will be changing your technique you must start slow and work up the speed of time. When changing your technique you’re literally reprogramming your brain to alter the signals it’s been sending automatically without thought – so the brain needs time to adjust and relearn the correct movements. To find out more about how your brain literally has a mind of it’s own in many ways, particularly when changing your technique, check out this video here.

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott 🙂




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