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“The Twister”… weird name, right?

This Bass Riff of The Week uses short 4 note groupings played one after the other. Because the rest between each 4 note grouping remains the same length throughout the riff, it gives the phrasing of it that “over the bar line” feel – hence the name, “The Twister”. Try playing it and you’ll see what I mean.

The first time I heard compositional devises such as this being used was while listening to the band Dream Theatre (many moons ago when I was a nipper… although I still love them now). They also use this kind of approach in odd time signatures too… that’s when things get really fun! 🙂

As with all of these riffs, start off slow. The key is to get a clean technique when playing the riff slowly, and then slowly crank up the speed nit by bit until you can play it up to tempo.

You can download the full TAB and notation by hitting the link directly under the video… plus you’ll get the play-along track too.

As always, see you in the shed…


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